• Merry Christmas!
    We've made multiple changes to the run time system. Here are the
    • The run time system now cycles every 23 hours (not 24 hours). This
      has been done to give players a bit more flexibility on their running
      start times.
    • Gold is now affected by the run time system by the same algorithm that
      experience is. That is, players receive a gold percentage change
      (bonus or loss) in the same way that they would for experience. However,
      the gold bonus/loss is calculated entirely by the player who lands the
      killing blow. We realize this means players in groups may be negatively
      or positively affected by this, depending on who lands the killing blow,
      but we feel this is the most straightforward implementation at this time.
      We will figure out how to implement this with respect to non-killing
      related activities (e.g., nim) soon.
    • The run time affect output in the "preventions" list now shows the
      percentage bonus/loss gained.
  • We'll update the respective help files soon, but wanted to make this active
    so players could start benefiting from the gold improvements immediately.
    Happy Holidays!
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