What is Crafting?

Using items found in Nodeka to make equipable items.


What is Salvage?

Salvage is loot that drops on mobs in specific areas.

Salvage is given to scrounger gnome to get Scraps and even even possibly whole Gemstones


What are Scraps?

Scraps are received from scrounger gn...

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Artistry is a branch of crafting that focus on getting more out of you item through talent rather than technical know how. If you wish to gain further levels into Artistry you will need the appropriate techs. Below is a description of Artistry from thad and the tech requirements for t...

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So you want to craft? You want some super sweet phat loot that you crafted your self?

Okay, here is what you are going to need to have done first!

1) Be a major remort! =( Sorry no mortals or minor remorts.

2) Visit Rizzo in Aur Vindi and complete her quest.

Once you have completed Rizzo's qu...

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