Artistry is a branch of crafting that focus on getting more out of you item through talent rather than technical know how. If you wish to gain further levels into Artistry you will need the appropriate techs. Below is a description of Artistry from thad and the tech requirements for the levels.

Artistry is born from within, brought to bear by your own inspiration and 
creativity. In certain ways, it is similar to Expertise, requiring 
persistent crafting and the exploration of new ideas to bring forward 
your creative force.

Just before you craft an item, you may choose to focus your study on 
Artistry instead of Expertise. If you do so, any Tech that you might 
gain from crafting that item will be allocated as an Artistry Tech 
instead of defaulting to Expertise. Note that gaining any Tech prevents 
all further Tech gain in either category for 18 hours.

This choice of focus allows you to advance in Expertise and Artistry 
separately, distributing your attention as you wish. Wise selection can 
be significant in your progress! Focusing on Artistry when you have 
already learned all that you can from a craft with regards to Artistry 
can "waste" a potential Tech if there had been something to learn in 
Expertise, and vice versa.

You may see a list of the Techs you have acquired with the 'quests 
action, crafting' command. Likewise, any Artistry levels that you gain 
will be permanently recorded in your quest log and can be viewed with 
the 'quests completed, crafting' command. Each successive level of 
Artistry requires a certain number of Techs, as follows (note that 
Artistry Techs and Expertise Techs are not interchangeable):

[ Artistry level ] > Artistry Techs required

[ 1 ] > 0 [ 5 ] > 36 [ 9 ] > 90
[ 2 ] > 6 [ 6 ] > 54 [ 10 ] > 99
[ 3 ] > 18 [ 7 ] > 63 [ 11 ] > 108
[ 4 ] > 27 [ 8 ] > 72 [ 12 ] > 12

Source : Odinn
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