Invasion need to know

Invasions last 43 minutes. If you know you can't finish an invasion, don't join.

Each rune lasts 5-6 minutes.

You'll get warned about a minute before your rune is about to fade. (Not every client captures this so pay attention, or set an action to capture the text.)

Why do invasion?

You'll be rewarded with faction and plats.

Enough faction and you can:

  • make ruushi-forged equipment
  • buy inscriptions/ciphers
  • buy the necessary spell to complete your schematic light (hovering embers)

How the mobs are ranked (approx)?

Recruit (Uglings) - 15k and below

Scout (Hunchbacks) - 15k ~ 45k

Soldier (Half-ogres) - 45 ~ 115k

Officer (Rockbiters) - 115k ~ 185k

General (Lords) - 185k and above

Types of mobs


  • Difficult to hit, but die fairly easily
  • Lord Rogue's may use malignant injury on you, so be careful
  • Deal better damage when flanking
  • Seeks out golems of appropriate size actively


  • More easily hit than rogues, but damage is lessened
  • Sometimes puts up counterattacks
  • Seeks out golems of appropriate size actively


  • Also difficult to hit
  • Grows in difficulty over time
  • Will summon 1-2 mud mongrels (they don't do much damage, but they're annoying)
  • Prone to impairing


  • Pretty easy to kill
  • Will grow in difficulty over time
  • Will release a noxious gas (lol) that will reduce your hit/dam/quickness
  • Magical user, so watch out for those spells (owie!)


  • Send out a long distant spell that causes you lag, when moving and using spells (extremely aggravating)
  • Lord shriveleds may hex you (if you're a magical user, use caution when attacking)


  • The recruit/scout/soldier equivalent to a mesmeric. 
  • Usually teleport you out of the room when you're in battle (with a belch, gross!)
  • Being belched out leaves you vulnerable for a time


  • Officer and Generals more annoying version of a meatbag
  • Will port you to an off-location map that has 4 different ways out. (Some, but not all, of the rooms are warped so you have to move backward to get around them. /Super/ annoying.)
  • May also port you out of the room (still in Ruushi) while you're in battle, like a meatbag would.
  • Uses mentalis, results in painful attacks and spells


  • Shaman take precedence over all other mobs (unless something is attacking your golem)
  • Important because they only appear 3 times during an invasion (Only applies if there's 3+ people that have joined)
  • They're the easiest mob to spawn in Ruushi to kill, so killing them is no problem (A massive pulse of energy washes over Ruushi!)


  • You'll only see warlocks if you've gotten a Shaker mission
  • There are 32 warlocks total in your map
  • These mobs are invisible and cloaked
  • Avoid your jailwatches, which will aggro if you're not fast enough
  • If you have follower(s) and they are not in the same room when you go, they will not appear with you in the map
  • Also if you have follower(s) and they aren't in the same room when your mission is over, they will not appear with you out of the map

Rewards for Shaker missions are

 19 and less  no faction reward
20 3 faction reward
21 ~ 23 5 faction reward
24 ~ 26 7 faction reward
27 ~ 29 9 faction reward
30 11 faction reward
31 13 faction reward
32 15 faction reward

Types of missions (all explained in more detail later)

Normal : defend Ruushi

Shaker : kill warlocks

Gyf (golem) : protect your golem from incoming mobs (only your mobs will appear, or walk into the room to hit your golem)

Gyf (tower) : walk around ruushi to find the spawned lodestone. tyf will have given you a powersource. once you have located the lodestone you 'give power, tower' and this allows shaman to appear


Not sure if you can tank your designated mob?

You can attack something before getting a mission. You'll be warned, but not sent to jail.* This happens fast, so pay close attention! (*Unless you attack something after being warned, without getting a rune.)

Try finding one around Ruushi and have a go at it. If you fail miserably, it's probably not wise to join yet.

If you're successful in not dying and killing it some, all clear to join.

If someone else in your rank has joined you could group and kill stuff together!

Your first mission should look similar to this

Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'I will now grant you a rune of heroism, Dokuro.'

So long as this rune holds, you may enter combat against the Vl'lakian
invaders safely - the rune will prevent their spellbinders from
imprisoning you with their magic. Make sure you keep an eye on the
rune's duration with the 'affects' command... if you continue fighting
for too long after it fades, you will no longer be protected! Slay as
many invaders as you can before the rune fades, and then return to me
for a new mission.

In addition, the heroism enchantment will stand only so long as you are
fighting opponents that are worthy of your strength. If you attack any
breed of invader which is below your power level, the rune will falter
and the spellbinders will be able to apprehend you. Allow me a few
seconds to analyze your strength, and I will inform you as to which
breed is an even match for you.

Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'During this invasion, you will possess the title of 'officer'.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'The breed that is an even match for officers is: rockbiter.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'You may find me and 'answer breeds' for more information.'

This is a 'normal' rune.

On your first rune (unless you're joining late), 4-5 of your designated mobs should have spawned.

Go around ruushi's streets and kill, kill, kill. (Only your mobs, /never/ hit anything lower than your rank. You won't be warned. Your ass will be in jail.)

This rune lasts about 5 minutes.

How do I know when I need a rune?

You’ll receive messages like this:

Shaker's projected image tells you, 'Less than a minute left on that rune of heroism, Dokuro.
Shaker's projected image tells you, 'Don't let the spellbinders catch you fighting any ogres when it drops!

This message means as it says, you have less than a minute left on your rune and you need to prepare yourself to recall or walk to christof for a new one.

Shaker's projected image tells you, 'Time to pick up a new mission from Christof, Dokuro.'

This message means it's time to find Christof (in or around temple), and get a new rune 'answer mission'.


Normal Runes

While you'll get a majority of normal runes, sometimes you'll get a special mission. These are very important, since they affect rewards greatly.)

A normal rune will reduce damage because you're killing mobs that are causing damage. And less damage means more monies!

During a normal rune you kill shaman first, check your golem for attacking mobs, kill any mesmerics that are out, then kill any other of your ranked mobs that you can find.

A normal rune will look like this:

< social > Watch-captain Christof nods in agreement with you.
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'I have granted you a rune of heroism, Dokuro (see your 'affects' list).'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'Go forth and defend Ruushi, but remember the rune's limitations!'

Shaman* Rune

A Shaker mission affects the amount of faction you will recieve. The more warlocks you decimate the higher everyone's faction reward will be! And if you get a reward, even better.

A Shaker mission will look like this:

Watch-captain Christof says, 'Shaker has prepared the spells necessary for a direct assault, Dokuro.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'Seek him out one up and one west from the Ruushi temple.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'Move quickly, for the spells will soon falter!'

Like it says, to find Shaker, he is located uw from temple.

Before you get into lox, it's common for people to yell that they have lox. This is because someone might be able to give you one or both sights that you need in order to see warlocks.

They're not 100% invisible and cloaked, but they are difficult to see. Unless you do have sights you might not see them on your first run with them, or on scan.
Once you're in the same room as Shaker he'll say some stuff to you and port you into 1 of 3 maps.

It's hard to describe the maps, and there's no paths because you're ported to a random location every time, so getting lox missions and walking around is the best way to familiarise yourself with them.

They always appear in 1,2,3,2,3,1 order. (Depending on how many lox missions there are during an invasion)

Golem Rune

A golem mission helps because if you have a golem that establishes it will start to heal Ruushi causing damage to reduce. 

A tower mission is also very important with reducing the damage done to Ruushi. Shaman may be easy to kill, but they do massive damage, which is why it's important to take them out over everything else!

A golem mission will look like this:

Watch-captain Christof says, 'Tyf needs you to defend a newly constructed clockwork golem, Dokuro.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'You may find her two south and one east from the Ruushi temple.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'Do not hesitate, for time is of the essence!'

Like it says, to find Tyf, she is located sse of temple.

Once she acknowledges you, you'll get a message like this and be ported to your new golem:

Gearhand Tyf says, 'I've finished another golem - it just needs time to set up a repair site.'

My golems will help to fortify Ruushi's structures and to repair some of
the damage done to the city. The more of these we can get online, the
better - each golem just needs a few minutes to set itself up in the
area. Once it's set up, the golem will continue to reduce the damage
done to Ruushi for as long as it stays alive.

I'll beam you and the golem over to a badly damaged spot - all I need
you to do is to defend the golem from attack for a short time until it
can establish a repair site. Try to keep the golem alive and out of
danger! After a few minutes, as long as you're in the golem's room and
it's safely out of combat, the golem will finish establishing the
repair site and it will let you know that your mission is complete.
Here we go - preparing to beam you out now!

Once you've been ported, it'll ask you to follow. If you're a class with rescue, this is a good idea.

Armored and/or Rogues will appear or walk in to attack your golem. You need to fend off their attacks by either attacking them before they hit your golem, or killing them before they kill your golem once they've attacked it.

A golem that is still in battle will not establish. If you're unsure if it has established you can check by looking at its affects.

It takes about 4 minutes for a golem to set.

Shaman* Rune

A shaman mission will look like this:

Tyf needs help with a device which may reveal the invaders' hidden shamans.
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'You may find her two south and one east from the Ruushi temple.'
Watch-captain Christof tells you, 'Do not hesitate, for time is of the essence!'

As it says you can locate Tyf sse of temple.

Once she acknowledges you she'll give you a powersource.

The lodestone that you need to give the powersource to is located somewhere on the four streets of Ruushi.

You can walk the center of ruushi between each intersection and "target tower" or just walk each street to find it.

Once you've located the tower 'give power, tower'.

After you have given the powersource to the lodestone the message saying the shaman have appeared will show.

Hunt down all the shaman of your kind, they'll be randomly planted in Ruushi.

Make sure to check the corners!

How do I know when Invasion is over?

Invasion ends after the boss is killed.

This message will appear telling you the boss has arrived:

[ Watch-captain Christof yells ]: 'We've managed to expose the invasion's leading force.'
[ Watch-captain Christof yells ]: 'Quickly, defenders - to the center of Ruushi!'
[ Watch-captain Christof yells ]: 'Our window of opportunity will only last for a few minutes.'

The boss loads in the middle of Ruushi, but sometimes people will drag it into a safe room to avoid having to kill the bodyguards.

After the boss is dead someone will get the head (the person who gets the final blow or if that person was in a group, the group leader)

Once the person with the boss’s head has been in the room with Christof this message will appear:

[ Commandant Vai-shan trials ]: 'Rejoice, inhabitants of Gedaon, for the Vl'lakian invasion has been repelled.'
[ Commandant Vai-shan trials ]: 'The ogres have inflicted damage across 24% of Ruushi's infrastructure.'
[ Commandant Vai-shan trials ]: 'Now, we will rebuild and regroup. The gates of Ruushi will stand evermore!'
[ Commandant Vai-shan trials ]: 'Ruushi's active defenders should seek me out for their reward.'

Vai-shan is located ueuuwss from temple. ‘answer reward’

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