Shadows, the demonic Abyss, and the afterlife. None know these better nor have more control in these planes than the sa'duroth. Evil incarnate, these masters of the undead are possibly the most dangerous caster known to the realm of Nodeka. The shadows of the realm obey the sa'duroths every command, making it near impossible to hide from one. The bodies of the dead will raise again,
bending to the every will of their new master. The strongest denizens of the Abyss bow and crawl at the feet of these dark beings. These foul creatures are even known to feed off the body and soul of their opponents, to gain the upper hand in battle. A battle with the sa'duroth is not simple a battle, it is a war. A war against the undead, against powerful demons, against dark shadows, and even more deadly, against your own mortal soul.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Necromancer Sa'duroth of the Occult Spectral Sa'duroth -1000 - 350
    Fallen Deacon -1000 - 350
    Angelic Sa'duroth -1000 - 350
    Blood Sa'duroth -1000 - 350
    Sa'duroth of Death -1000 - 350
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