There are none more in touch with mother nature and her wild than the heiton.  A bond forged through the ages, the connection between nature and the heiton is much like that of a mother with her child: watching, nurturing, and protecting to the bitter end. Beings of a normally smaller stature, many who come in contact with a heiton tend to underestimate what power they hold. The common mistake made is the failure to realize that no matter what the surroundings, the heiton is never alone. This mistake is very rarely made twice. When one sees a heiton call forth powerful creature from the forest, or watches the trees spring to life around them, moving at the whim of their opponent, the lesson learned is not soon forgotten. That lesson is simple: the heiton is never alone and never defenseless. Even in a place where no trees or animals can survive, the heiton can call forth to mother nature, seeking the aid of certain elements for both a powerful offense and a tremendous defense. Think twice before seeking to challenge the heiton. Those backed by the wrath of mother nature are not so easily defeated.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Druid Heiton Priest Druidic Heiton -1000 - 1000
    Heiton of Greater -1000 - 1000
    Quickbolt Heiton -1000 - 1000
    Warding Rain Heiton -1000 - 1000
    Grey-forest Heiton -1000 - 1000
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