The counterpart of the fallad, the daja is another of the angelic healers of the realm. Like their counterpart, they seek to drive the darkness and evil from the world. However, where the fallad would prefer to use force and power, the daja chooses a more passive, curative path. While the sword can bring balance to chaos, the sword can shatter, and be rendered useless. The daja believes the true way to free the world from the shadows is to keep the sword pure and unyielding, so that it may continue to do battle for the light. They have mastered the art of healing, to various states and degrees, to ensure the warriors they accompany will never fall.

Yet, even though these more peaceful healers chooses to avoid combat if possible, doesn't mean they will yield to incoming danger. If the situation arises, a daja can be a formidable foe.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Healer Dajain Abbess Dajain Angel -500  - 1000
    Radial Daja -500  - 1000
    Daja of Battle -500  - 1000
    Daja of the Order -500  - 1000
    Dajain Healer -500  - 1000
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