HunterHunter, also known as tholec:

Tholecs are nature's purebred hunters. While heitons have a more intimate relationship to mother nature and her forces, they don't understand her animals like tholec do. From a young age, the tholec studies the beasts of the wild, mastering the strengths of each of the true survivors. They learn the methods the great animals use to become the fiercest competitors in combat. While able to be extremely fluid and agile, they are also able to summon a ferocity that few outside the ruanbaere can match. It's when all of these abilities are brought together at one time that the true power of the tholec is unleashed.

When the tholec focuses everything it has into combat, they become one of the most powerful, most accurate, most dangerous fighters you can imagine. Oh, and don't believe you can avoid them by simply hiding away in some remote cave. There is no hiding from the tholec. They are able to hunt down their prey with tremendous ease. The eldest tholec is known to cross entire continents without losing the scent of his target, no matter how small the hole it might hide in, no matter how well hidden it may be. If they truly wish to find you, they will. There are few who have survived the anger of a tholec who has been forced to traverse the world is search of his or her prey.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Hunter Tholec of One Ne'kai Tholec ! -149  - 149
    Tholec of the Hunt ! -149  - 149
    Shadow Tholec ! -149  - 149
    Taiso Tholec ! -149  - 149
    Nomad of the Watch ! -149  - 149
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