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SorcererWhile most magic users of the realm of Nodeka focus more on the arcane side of magic, the sorcerer believes there is no stronger magic ally then the elements. The scrolls passed down from generation to generation, written by the great sage Lectokke, teach the sorcerer this true power. His teachin...

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There are none more in touch with mother nature and her wild than the heiton.  A bond forged through the ages, the connection between nature and the heiton is much like that of a mother with her child: watching, nurturing, and protecting to the bitter end. Beings of a normally smaller stature, ...

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The defenders of the holy light. The lo-fent gives his life to the most holy of gods, and spends his life bringing the light to the wicked. The belief system of the lo-fent is based on one simple, basic premise: cleanse the world of evil by unleashing the true power of the light. These holy war...

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