• New help file: "help crafting glossary". :)
  • The new crafting 3.0 system is under development; we anticipate that we will be able to start slow-rolling out features soon! (This means that you will see the basic functionality introduced in pieces, with more options becoming available as development continues.) Keep an eye on the MotD!

Crafting Glossary

The following is a glossary of terms related to crafting on Nodeka.


  • Appraise : Allows you to assess an item from a crafter's perspective.
  • Dismantle : Deconstructs an item for materials and knowledge.
  • Harmonize : Executes a harmonizing plan, evolving the item's affinities.
  • Plan : Allows you to study an item, and devise a plan of action to develop it.
  • Reforge : Executes a reforging plan, rebuilding an item for greater potential.
  • Stabilize : Executes a stabilizing plan, repairing an item's integrity.
  • Temper : Executes a tempering plan, solidifying an item's structure.
  • Upgrade : Executes an upgrade plan, improving an item's overall quality.


  • Aspects : Prime factors of an item's nature, based upon the item's history.
  • Boon : A single-purpose item bonus which increases with greater total boon strength.
  • Inspiration : Various insights and breakthroughs which may occur while crafting.
  • Integrity : Working an item reduces its integrity, limiting its ability to be modified.
  • Resources : A score representing resources you must expend to perform crafting tasks.
  • Rune : An item bonus which increases your ability to empower the related aura.
  • Set : An item bonus which unlocks new benefits with greater total set strength.
  • Specializations : Talents which represent your areas of crafting expertise.
  • Tempered : A tempered item is difficult to upgrade. Reforging will render it malleable.
  • Tier : Reforging an item increases its tier. High-tier items are expensive to improve.
  • Tools : Items required and consumed by plans. Tools are constructed via schematics.
  • Warping : Upgrading will warp an item. Very warped items must be reforged to progress.


Features will be announced on the MotD as they are released.

Help files on each of these actions and concepts will soon be released.

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