BarbarianWhen one speaks of the mighty ruanbaere, there is but one consistency in all words spoken: there is no force more devastating. A different breed of fighter, the ruan philosophy in battle is fairly simple: if it moves, hit it, and hit it  as hard as possible. The ruanbaere believes in the "right of might" way of combat, and seeks to rid themselves of their enemy as fast as possible by simply beating them into submission.

From an early age, these warriors are taught how to focus their anger into  controlling their weapons. To make the weapons a pure extension of their rage. And to use that rage to leave little more than a bloody smear where their opponents once stood.

Forgoing skill and subtlety in battle, the ruanbaeres are brawlers of the truest sense, which quite possibly is what makes them the most dangerous. There is no possible way to tell what these crazed warriors will do in combat, no way to guess what is coming next, no way to form a defensive battle plan. Once you you're sure what's coming next, you've already lost, because even the ruanbaere has no idea what it's going to do.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Barbarian Ruan-of-war Mordant Ruanbaere -1000 - 250
    Zerkorian -1000 - 1000
    Ruanbaere of the Fury -1000 - 1000
    Barbaric Ruanbaere -1000 - 1000
    Stoic Ruanbaere -1000 - 1000
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