Update 12/7/2014:

- We have implemented a new "run time" system. See "help run time" for more details. The run time system is still in its infancy, so keep in mind that it may change without notice.

- Clan halls can now be purchased entirely with sun stones. See "help clan hall" for more information.

We would like to thank those players who took the time to provide us with constructive and useful feedback on this issue. Several aspects of the clan hall system has been modified based on this open dialogue (including add-ons and clan hall room allocations).

- The clan size member limit has been raised from 8 to 12.

- Player killers no longer receive random bonus affects for player killing.


Run time:

At the highest level, the run time system rewards players who play at least one hour each day by granting such players an extra +100% bonus for all experience gathered during that time. The run time system also gives an additional 25% experience for all experience gathered in the following three hours per day, that is, hours 2-4 in a 24-hour window.

In addition, the run time system is also meant as a deterrent for those players who bot (which is illegal) as it prevents a serious accumulation of experience once a character has been running for more than 12-16 hours in a single day.  In general, the run time algorithm works in the following 24 hour fashion:

Hour 1:      200% experience
Hours 2-4:   125% experience
Hours 5-8:   100% experience
Hours 9-12:  80% experience
Hours 13-16: 50% experience
Hours 16-24: 10% experience

The run time system uses 15 minute intervals. So players who can only play in short intervals, lose, at most, a single 15 minute block of running time.

The 15 minute blocks are tracked in the character's prevention list under "run time phases." For more information about preventions, see "help prevention." Finally, characters who are not yet reached major remort do not suffer any experience penalty.

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