Speedwalks, in short, are directions on how to get to an area.  Speedwalks are useful in order to navigate the world of Nodeka without having to manually enter each direction and cuts a players walk time significantly. Speedwalks are also very simple to use and below you will find examples on how to use them.

Warning : Just like manually walking, a character is still suseptable to being attacked while speedwalking, or obstructions if a character does not have flight.

The following example will move a player's character four spaces north and two spaces east.

spe 4n2e

The following example will move a player's character from temple to the trainer

spe 3sw

Useful Speedwalks

These speedwalks all start from temple.

speedwalk 4n11e5n;o abyss;d;clo abyss;d

Amras Calanor - Ocean Remnant:
speedwalk 4n49w7ne2nws

Ancient Barrows:
speedwalk 4n4w10s7w11se

speedwalk 4nw18ne;o boulder;d

speedwalk 4n12e7n

Aur Vendi:
speedwalk 4n13w31s

Bavriis Mhalos:
speedwalk 4n13w23s11w12s4es2e2u3en2e2n3ed2nend2w;o rubble;w2n2en3e2us2ue3de

Bhalin Deeps:
speedwalk 4n13w23s11w12se

Balidon Cove:
speedwalk 4n4w9n30w5ndndn

Belkan Tundra:
speedwalk 4n4w7n8e5n14e5ne 
-=> yeti:n2en6e4se5s3e3se;o moraine;d
-=> troll:n2en7e10n;open sedge;nd2nw

Brigand's Noose:
speedwalk 4n4w8n20ws

Coral Tunnels:
speedwalk 4n4w18n2ed2w;o door;wn;o door;wds3e;o stowaway;e;clo stowaway

speedwalk 4n6w7nd

Church of the Sun:
speedwalk 4nw2send

Citadel of Paragon:
speedwalk 4n11w29s24e

Cow fields of Na Pali:
speedwalk 4n3w14n;o gate;w

speedwalk 4n14e2n;o bushes;e;clo bushes

Dragon Tower:
speedwalk 4n3w14n6e4n

Dorin Foothills:
speedwalk 4n4w8s7e

Dorin Heights:
speedwalk 4n4w8s10e2su6sue4swsue2s 

Duchy of Khan-Lith:
speedwalk 4n12e9s

Dunari Desert:
speedwalk 4n4e12n3e6n

speedwalk 4n4w3s2wn;o gate;n4e2n2ed

Dwarven Castle:
speedwalk 4n4ws2ws

Dwarven Town:
speedwalk 4n4w2s2w

Empire Ants:
speedwalk 4n3w3ned

Fortress of Bule:
speedwalk 4n18e21n17e16n3e

speedwalk 4n4w6s2ws

speedwalk 4n4e2s2es

Grumfeld Bogs:
speedwalk 4nw2n

Hades Fissure:
speedwalk 4n4en20e14n24esd

Haunted caves:
speedwalk 4n4w3s3e2d

speedwalk uuenuswu4s2e2s2w4s2e2s2w4sdsedwsdwndendsednnn4n2e2n2w4ndsedwsd

speedwalk 4n4w4ns28w2n

Iron Claw (north gate):
speedwalk 4n12e13s2w6sw5se2se2s3w2s

Iron Claw (west gate):
speedwalk 4n12e13s2w6sws6w3s3w2sw3s3e 

Island of Bayesh:
speedwalk 10n10w

Kathadin Town:
speedwalk 4n4w8s10e2su6sue4swsue2s2e2su2esws4wu5eu2wuwu2eu2euwu2wuw3sw3s

Kileard'n Everglades:
speedwalk 4n4e12n23e19n4e8ne 

Kobolds Lair:
speedwalk 4n4w3n5ws

Kon-Taro jungle:
speedwalk 4n4w10s6w10s2e8s2e2se

speedwalk 4n4e2s15e6n2e8n4e2n

Lord Braggi's Proving Ground:
speedwalk 4n18e14n7e2uenu2edenwd

speedwalk 4n4e2s9e26se7se

Mazatzal Woods:
speedwalk 4n4e5n4e

speedwalk 4n2e5n 

speedwalk 4n4w10n

Misty Hills:
speedwalk 4n4w3s2wn;o gate;n4w2nwu3w3n3e2n4w2s2w2n2w5s5w4se2seu

Na Pali:
speedwalk 4n3w6n

Orcish Outpost of Xuvgra:
speedwalk 4n4e6n2en5en2es5en2e 

Orcish Town of Xuvgra:
speedwalk 4n4e6ne

Order of Modeir:
speedwalk 4n4w6n28w5s8en

speedwalk 4n4w9n34w

Realm of the Ancients:
speedwalk 4n41w3sw

speedwalk 4n4e12nw

Rogha Fen:
speedwalk 4n13w22s8w

Rumil Ancalimon:
speedwalk 4n4e2s9e26se7s7e4s

Shtera Graveyard:
speedwalk 4n4w5s6e

Thinthan Forest:
speedwalk 4nws3e2sw 

Tomb of Autur:
speedwalk 4n11w21sen2e2s10e2s4e2s3e2s4e2n6e2ned2w4s

Tower of Mist:
speedwalk 4n4w3s2wn;o gate;n4w2nwu3w3n2e4n2w2n2e2n2w2ne3n3w2s2w2s3w2n4w2n2w3n3en;o time;n;clo time

Towers of Lkkt-Vao:
speedwalk 4nw2sen;o gate;7n3es

Triage Encampment:
speedwalk 4n53w12n

Vestil Desert:
speedwalk 17n

Vl'lak Grounds:
speedwalk 4n3w6s

speedwalk 4n22w4ns2nudn;o mine;n

Yeriwyrian Penumbra:
speedwalk 4n11w37s10w9swu

speedwalk 4n4e2s11e8sw15s6e2s2e2s2e2s2e2s2e2s10e3sesd2wnwsenwsenwse

Zembori Plains:
speedwalk 4n6e2nd

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