So you want to craft? You want some super sweet phat loot that you crafted your self?

Okay, here is what you are going to need to have done first!

1) Be a major remort! =( Sorry no mortals or minor remorts.

2) Visit Rizzo in Aur Vindi and complete her quest.

Once you have completed Rizzo's quest- you are ready to start crafting... erm sort of.

Artisans Guild

The hub of all things crafty! Okay, The Artisan's guild in Aur Vindi will be where you need to go after finishing with Rizzo. Look for a man named Thad. ( East of emerblight plaza)


Thad is the guy who can get you started on crafting. Below is what he will tell you after following him.

Don't let my pretty face distract you, Odinn! Gimlet has taught me well, 
and there is no finer artisan than he, old though he may be.

If it's guidance and education you seek, then you're just where you 
need to be. I can help you improve your Expertise and Artistry, if 
you're prepared to dedicate yourself to the task.

'what': What are Expertise and Artistry for?
'expertise': Can you help me develop my Expertise?
'artistry': Can you help me advance my Artistry?

If you answer 'what' you get this explanation.

A true artisan's touch - as opposed to the clumsy spasms of the 
uninitiated pretender - is guided by two principles, those being 
Expertise and Artistry.

Expertise represents technical prowess - the standard of overall skill 
and potential. Higher Expertise represents the ability to maximize the 
potential of each project, especially when working with superior 
materials. A crafter with undeveloped Expertise may produce results far 
inferior to an artisan of high Expertise, even when starting with the 
same base components.

Artistry is a more subjective talent, representing the artisan's 
creative flair. An artisan unskilled in Artistry can still, with enough 
Expertise, fashion powerful and reliable creations. However, an artisan 
with a strong grounding in Artistry will constantly strive for 
perfection, sometimes generating one or more Inspirations which result 
in an end product that an inferior Artist could not achieve with the 
same base components. Whereas Expertise allows one to extract the 
greatest potential from the given materials, Artistry is the ability to 
produce a work above and beyond its component parts.

So now you get to choose which you would like to do. ( Here's a hint you can start them both! Which ever you decide to spend your time on leveling up.

If you choose expertise thad will give you the first level himself. If you want to pick up artistry he will send you on a quest to bring him a < crafted > crude quality wrist item. You will need to visit Tessa in the Artisan's guild to learn what you need for crafting a wrist item.


How do I get materials for crafting?

Crafting requires components of wood, leather, cloth and metal. In order to form components you must gather enough scraps.

Scraps come from salvage. In order to get salvage you must complete mini quests from San'vestra who wanders AurVindi or you visit Snippen in the Artisan's guild and a salvage kit from him for a certain area, salvage also now drops randomly across all of Nodeka's mobs.

Salvage loads randomly off of mobiles in the selected area you have a salvage kit for or when you complete mini quests from San'vestra, the inciter in Dragonspine or from Pain's tabernacle.

When you collect some salvage, it is best to hurry and take it to the scrounger gnomes in the Artisan guild, Ruushi or if you clan has purchased one - your clan hall. These scrounger gnomes will turn your salvage into scraps.

When you have acquired enough scraps, you should visit stacy in the Artisan's guild, as she will turn scraps into components.

Now that you have components when you have enough you may visit the crafter's in the Artisan's guild and begin crafting!

More to come!!


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