Quest Text

Field-lieutenant San'vestra says, 'Indeed, <character name>, I do have need of your talents.'

The Combat Guild can always use a strong arm and a swift mind. My place is
on the battlefield, at the forefront! And yet, with so much to oversee,
there are some days where I never manage to step beyond the city's

If you're willing to take up the risk and responsibility of a mission
for the Combat Guild, I can promise you a challenge at the minimum and
an appropriate reward if you survive.

suppression of:

[ 'Fens' ]: spreading marsh-life
[ 'Hades' ]: the diabolic legions
[ 'Rumil' ]: the insurgency within Rumil Ancalimon
[ 'Stormhaven' ]: the Stormhaven command

You may request a mission with the 'answer' command, or decline with

Quest Details


480 80 80
250 140 80


ArchfiendEnslaved HellionDemon-thrall Hunter
80 60 40


Strong ArcherLearned MageSummoned Beast
160 160 0
100 100 1


PuwokBalorElitePoiKing Georn
50 50 50 1 1
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