SorcererWhile most magic users of the realm of Nodeka focus more on the arcane side of magic, the sorcerer believes there is no stronger magic ally then the elements. The scrolls passed down from generation to generation, written by the great sage Lectokke, teach the sorcerer this true power. His teachings show one how to make fire dance at their command, how to make the very ground they walk on come to life, how to bring forth the lightning to lend it's force in combat, and how to bend ice to their will. There is even rumor that some elders can solidify or even dissipate parts of their bodies at will. It is with this complete arcane control over the elements that the sorcerer stands tall as the most powerful of all the spellcaster classes. While the sorcerer may not swing a hammer with the same ferocity as the ruanbaere, they hardly need to. They find a shard of ice, firmly planted in the skull of some poor soul equally as effective.


MortalMinor RemortMajor RemortAlignment
Sorcerer Elemental Sage Planar Sage ! -99   - 99
    Orange-cloud Sorcerer ! -99   - 99
    Counterspiral Mage ! -99   - 99
    Substance Magus ! -99   - 99
    Frostbladed Sorcerer ! -99   - 99
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